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    Please delete

    For sale I have a CZ p07 slide that has been milled for a vortex viper 6 MOA 15485505680627514326604699409607.jpg
    and cerakoted gray. Optic placement is behind the co witness iron sights.
    When I got the slide the front sight was too high so I replaced it with the correct height and the irons are now a perfect cowitness.
    Great way to get your p07 optic equipped without having to wait and pay for shipping.
    I want to sell this as a package with the optic as I already have too many optics/guns and would like to thin the herd.

    175 blank slide
    260 primary machine work/irons
    180-230 optic
    Adds up to a pretty good deal especially when considering the "I want it now" factor
    Located in NOLA


    *I do have a full p07 grey suppressor ready model too as well as a primary machine comp*
    If you are interested in a complete pistol or the comp with the slide pm me and we can talk
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    Bump great deal on a really nice piece of kit

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    Bump still available

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