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    The 4-14 SFP, and FFP are going to be very similar in make up except for the Second vs First focal. That is really going to depend on how much you intend on using the reticle to range. If you will be using the reticle to range often, and don't want the worry of missing the shot due to not having the scope set on the proper mag, get the FFP. If you are going to be shooting known ranges, or don't mind making sure that the scope mag is set on the determined power for ranging usually 10, then save the dollars. Also on the SFP, you will have to convert MIL to MOA to get proper adjustment, as the reticle is a MIL reticle, and turrets are MOA. So there is that extra calculation as well.

    Some may crucify me for saying this, but I have had no problems with the newer Sightmark products. is a decent scope also. I like their Citadel line which is a bit above that price point, much better than the Athlon offerings in similar price points. Also the Sightmark MMR reticle is MOA, so there is no conversion, as it is a MOA reticle and turrets. You can get the Citadel with MIL-MIL, or MOA-MOA.

    I own a few of these in MIL-MIL They are robust scopes with great tracking. Price is a bit higher in the 400 range. Turrets on both the Sightmark brand scopes are lockable as well to prevent any unwanted adjustments.
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    Well since deer season ended I got busy doing other things. The other day I realized I still hadn’t ordered a scope, so I decided to give the primary arms 4-16x44 SFP a try. Well it showed up this week and I finally got around to cracking the box open. The packaging is truly no frills, but I don’t have a thing for boxes anyways. Inside the box the scope was packed with cushioning foam on all side, which is much better than reviews I read about it. So down to business, I flipped open the halfway decent flip caps that came with it and found a pretty solid picture. So I dug out the rifle that my Vortex Viper 6.5-20x50 was mounted to and compared notes. To my dismay I found my Vortex obviously faulty because it wasn’t as clear as this $160 scope. Sadly this scope was on the market when I bought the Vortex and I could have bought 3 for the price of my Vortex.
    I’m not bad mouthing Vortex its the best I’ve owned and until I test longer ranges, function and durability a little I’m still gonna have to side with a scope I can three shot sight, and see clearly well past 1500 yards.

    The true test will at camp next week, but so far I’m impressed.
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    You should probably check out SWFA Classic series fixed power scopes. The running price is $299 and can be found on sale for $250 from time to time. Pretty good glass, very rugged and reliable. Do some research on them.

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