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    Please recommend a sight in distance for .25 cal

    Hello everyone. I had a question and was looking for advice on what you recommend at a sighting in distance. I have a new Benjamin Trails XL Nitro 725 .25 cal. I have went through the process of determining which pellet grouped best for the gun.
    Im shooting a heavy 28 grain pellet, that the gun just likes a lot in the H&N brand.
    Ive read and heard so many opinions on distances for sighting in and was curious as to your individual thoughts on the subject. I have heard such stories as if you sight in at 13 yards you will be on again at 40 yards or close to that. I shoot squirrels, and most shots come in the 30 to 45 yard range, so Im curious as to what you might suggest.

    Thank you in advance…

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    Download the Hawke BRC App and Chairgun APP. You can put the Pellet in and you'll have to get the velocity and it will calculate drop. You can then determine whats best. I have a .22 cal FX shooting 18.1 gr. pellet at 850 fps. I sight in for 50 yards. I have a Hawke mildot scope and I use the App to determine my hold over/under. I shoot pigeons out to 82 yards with no problem. If you sight in at 50 you will also be zero at 11.7 yds. 70 yds you'd come up 2 mildots.
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    Whatever range you shoot most often, so say 40 yards.

    When I first read the thread title all I could picture was trying to sight in a 2" pocket pistol at 100 yards!
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    Vigilante sent good info. I’m strictly .22 rifle with subsonic ammo for the squirrels but my zero is that magical 150 feet. With a low mounted scope you’re still pretty much dead on up close and out past 50 yards is easy enough to figure out if you practice. I keep a gallon of golf balls for season practice. Just throw a bunch on the ground down range. Pretty much squirrel head sized targets. Walnuts work well too.
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