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    Great day at Sherburne today

    What a great day at Sherburne today!

    One guy was there with two little ones (I'd guess ~5 years old) teaching them how to shoot. Both of them did very well, in my estimation, and I tipped my hat to him for having the patience to teach the little ones safe marksmanship.

    There were a lot of other families there and everyone was having a great time. I also appreciated the gentleman that came over and asked if it would bother us if he put a few rounds through his .308.

    The clay and rifle ranges were also busy, and I chatted with a few great folks.

    As for me ... the 1911 was ticking like a clock today, and I finally got in a rhythm with my .40 Glock (my only Glock that I've never really gotten the hang of). I also brought my Ruger Single Seven in .32, which is one of the great unspoken heroes of low recoil target shooting.

    This is the sound of freedom, folks. Families out enjoying a day of safe and competitive marksmanship, at a range that anyone can shoot at for the cost of a Wild Louisiana Stamp ($5 per year).

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