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    Just thought of a question for this situation, how often did she practice getting her gun out of the gun vault and what kind of lock was it for example, combination or biometric, key?
    Biometric. She opened it up every morning and put her pistol in her car when she went to work. Normally left the vault open and empty during the day. Always opened, until she needed it!

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    Best way to keep your handgun safe from kids? Don’t have kids

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    I did see a chastity belt style holster setup that a guy claimed to wear every night. Seemed a bit over the top, but...

    Seems like the best bet is to have the gun close to you and unrestrained while you sleep, but have a place to store it safely when you are not in bed. It will add a new routine, get gun out of safe location before bed and put it back when you get up. Maybe a drawer safe for the nightstand that can be used to secure the gun during the day, and a holster that sandwiches between the mattress and box-spring so that the gun is not super obvious when it is out of the safe.

    I like the idea of a semi with the chamber empty, but that adds time when you do not need it, plus you need both hands. I have a daughter and she knows not to fool with the guns, but I do worry that other kids that visit my house will not have had the same training.
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    Chasity belt is out of the question! Lol! But I like the idea of chambering a round however I carry with one in the chamber and would need to completely change my train of thought with chambering a round when there is danger which like you said costs precious seconds. I carry at home until bedtime typically. I think leaving it in a night stand until morning may not be a bad idea. Just want to completely avoid the situation that just happened this week in Marrero.

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