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    WTB - This specific Model -Stainless Blackhawk Model 5247

    WTB: Ruger Model 5247- Blackhawk
    Stainless revolver with 357 and 9mm cylinder.
    This model has a 5 & 1/2" barrel. This is the only length Im looking for.
    Located in the Denham Springs / Baton Rouge area.
    Please contact me if you have a LNIB or NIB you're looking to sell locally.
    PM me through here or txt 22Five*50Three*739Eight.


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    Posting this for a coworker, any lead appreciated. Bump

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    That model is a Lipsey's Exclusive model

    Actually, any gunshop that has a relationship with Lipseys, in Baton Rouge, should be able to order it for you, providing it's available.

    Or, go to Ruger's website. Click on 'Buy Now', and have it shipped to your FFL.
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    I had to get mine off Gun broker. It is a sweet gun. It is just like the 45acp/44colt I have. I needed up getting a,9mm mold just for that gun. It is an obsolete one and a custom 75 grain full wad cutter one as well.
    As hi loved shooting full wad cutters in the 45acp cases.

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    Thanks for all the responses. I will pass this information along and keep an eye out for him. If y'all see any locally please let me know.
    Thanks bump
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