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    Tactical pistol training

    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking to take my first tactical pistol course, but I'm having trouble finding options in the southern part of Louisiana.

    The 2 big names I've seen the most are VATA and Advantage Group. VATA doesn't train civilians anymore and Advantage group has only one session of their gunfighter courses listed and that's this weekend. I can't really tell my wife I'm leaving her with our 7 day old daughter for the weekend at the last minute.

    I'm fairly comfortable with my foundation (safety, accuracy, etc) as a starting point, and I'm ready to take a serious class.

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    Look up MCTA Range on Google. Not sure of their schedule but they run a lot of classes

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    Advantage Group will run more classes than that, they just have to gather enough interest to add to the schedule.
    Don’t just look at online schedules, call and speak to any trainer in your area. Let them know what you are looking for. Private instruction is more expensive but will move at your pace rather than the pace of the slowest person in the class.

    Edit to add:
    Do you have a ccw ?
    If not I’d definitely mention that to the instructors when you talk to them. If you are interested they most likely add the necessary instruction to a private class and kill two birds with one proverbial stone.
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    I couldn't make the advantage group class this weekend either. I'm in for the next Saturday they offer it. Anyone else? Maybe we can convince them to run another sooner if we have enough people.
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    Check Phobos Solutions as well. They train at the NOLATAC range right next to Nola Motorsports.

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    Advantage Group with Nate Stokes and Chris Schiff is awesome, I've taken many courses with them and I'm never disappointed!

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    Advantage Group is having a pistol 1
    On Saturday April 13,2019

    And pistol 2
    On Sunday April 14,2019
    In Robert ,La
    RO I & II



    South Mississippi Practical Shooting Association

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    I just finished my first Tactical Pistol class this weekend with Advantage Group in Robert. It was Super Fun, but most of all a great learning experience! Honestly I was nervous it would be some super skilled guys and I would look like an idiot. That's what really took me years to finally commit to attending a formal type of combatish training. Thankfully it was just a great group of people that, like me, wanted to invest in their pistol training. Dont get me wrong the instructor (Nate) will correct you and insure safety first at all times, but it didnt feel aggressive or as if anyone was being scalded. I left the weekend with a ton of knowledge that Im pumped to train upon

    I am looking forward to attending every one of their events now that I know what to expect.
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