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    5 gallon buckets free or best offer to any bayou shooter member

    I am out of buckets. Thanks for all the BS members for picking them up. when I get another Stock pile in will let yall know.

    As the title says: I got approximately 200- 5 gallon buckets taking up space at work and want to give them away to any bayou shooter member.

    We go through a lot at my work, and everyone at my work has more extra buckets than they need.

    They were used to store NON hazardous, water based materials and all have been washed out and been kept stored, stacked up, upside down and out side (to keep rain water out).

    Most are green or black but some red, yellow and blue ones in there also.

    All have handles and are not cracked or chipping, we just throw thoes away.

    Have to meet me at my work on the north shore, Madisonville, Covington area, I am not traveling to you. Easy to get to and I will help load you up.

    First come first serve, private message me if you want some and willing to pick them up.

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    PM sent.

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    Any with lids?

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    Pm sent

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    Thank you to Jeremy for offering these buckets. They are in perfect condition. They do need to be washed/rinsed out and dried before you use them -- no big deal. Very generous deal -- Thanks!

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    What was in the buckets?

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    No problem, I still got about 30-40 left. Only posting this to bayou shooter.

    water based gel residue is still in some of the buckets, nothing hazardous to plants or people. Washes out easy.
    We had a 18 year old part time kid who was supposed to rise them all out before he put them up but looks like he did a 1/2 ass job.

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    I'd be interested in 15-20 of them if they're still available
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