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Thread: Taurus TX 22

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    Taurus TX 22

    Fixing to go try it out, comes with suppressor adaptor, 2. 16 rd mags and i have the red dot plate on its way.
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    Interested in your review!

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    Put 300 rds thru it and no malfunctions. Shooting at 35 ft standing and keep all shots in a 3 inch circle, will shoot off bags later.

    Waiting for my mounting plate for the Fastfire3.

    Trigger breaks at 4.5 #

    Really liking it so far

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    Currently in north west Arkansas, stopped at a gunshop -indoor range to look around and they had just got in a TX 22 and they were looking it over and commenting they were waiting for someone to buy it so they could shoot it. I said i had mine in the car and they could shoot it, well they shot it and one of the employees went and picked up the one they just got and bought it himself.

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    Sic semper tyrannis

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    My coworker bought one. Hes has a few hundred rounds through it with a silencerco switchback can. He likes.
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    I have a SiCo Spectre 2 on mine

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    Got the Fastfire 3 mounted
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    On Target

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    How's it run with that FF3? What is the information for mounting it? I hate the factory sight on mine.

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    Runs great, Lakeline LLC makes the mounting plate

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    Does anyone know how this compares to other 22 hosts?

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