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    Gun Related Youtube Channels

    I know YouTube is not exactly gun friendly and there are other sites hosting gun related videos but YouTube is by far the largest repository of videos. Some of them are pretty good and some of them can be crap. So what channels do people like to watch for gun related stuff? I'm sure someone's favorite channel is a channel someone else despises. So if you want to bash someone's mentioned channel, please be sure to do so civilly and be sure to include examples to back up your claim.

    Personally, I like The Gun Collective. Jon Patton does a pretty good job of explaining the current state of the gun companies and introducing new products without the elitist attitude. And Adam Kraut does a good job of breaking down a lot of the laws passed around the country and the proposed laws in Washington.

    I also like Garand Thumb. He's got a dry sense of humor and seems to be pretty thorough with his testing. Some reviewers seem to only review stuff they like, coming across almost like paid endorsers. Mike does not seem like one of those people. He's will to point out the positives and negatives of what he tests and he's pretty down to earth.

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    check out 9 hole reviews with Henry Chan and Josh Mazzola..... pretty good stuff. Also Hickock45 of course. GT is good also.

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    Johnny's Reloading Bench

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    I second johnnys reloading bench, good stuff!

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    Moving forward

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    Thunder ranch - Clint Smith. The man is chock full of knowledge and isims.
    Carry trainer - with Mickey
    Pat macnumara - the guys a beast
    MAC - millitary arms channel
    Paul Harrell
    Mbest11x with Matt Best of black rifle coffee company. Extremely pro Millitary.
    Warrior poet society - Jon Lovell is pretty good but goofy at times
    If you haven’t seen Enter The Dojo with master Ken yet, check it out.

    The YouTube alternative -

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    Brownells, as they sponsor most of the ones previously listed. (and a huge plus is that you get to see my Dapper self on there often lol)
    Caleb Savant
    Brownells GunTech/Gun Guru

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    I bounce around a lot, but I stumbled across this guy. Itís not specificly guns, but he has been kind of entertaining.

    He claims to be LEO or retired LEO and tells some interesting stories about his time in Commufonia.
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    Paul Harrell has some great videos. The Real Gunsmith is a great one for Hunting Rifle and reloading.

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