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    Best Rifle/Scope for Smallbore Silhouette?

    What are your recommendations for a .22 rifle for smallbore silhouette competion? Kind of looking for "In hindsight I should have bought/built ___________". Or even: "I've been researching and here's my plan _____". I'm sure there are members on here that have some experience and can share insights.

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    Go out and see what the people shoot in the discipline you want to shoot are shooting and pick their brains. The CZ's are popular. I haven't been out there in a long time. I think the 452 Lux maybe? I ended up with a CZ 455 American topped with a Vortex Viper 4x-16x-44mm and its a fine little gun but I don't compete. The older Marlin 39A is a popular lever gun if my memory is working. A gun that works for one shooter might not work for you but its good logic to have a starting place.
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    The most popular rifle is Anschutz - the Anschutz 1712 is pretty much unbeatable for an out-of-the box Hunter Rifle. Many people build custom hunter rifles off of the Anschutz 54.18 action. If you don't mind spending the money and want to build a custom rifle, any of the nice custom actions with a tapered barrel from Lilja, Benchmark, Krieger, etc. will work great. The most important thing is a good competition trigger (which is why the Anschutz rifles are popular - for a completely custom build the Bix n'Andy two-stage triggers are very hard to beat).

    The second most important thing is the stock. A Mark Pharr - style custom stock is the way to go for a Hunter rifle unless you're small and the Anschutz-style stock works for you.

    For a beginner looking for a good starter rifle; get a CZ (452, 455, etc.).


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