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    Mossberg 930 pro sporting

    Does anyone own a Mossberg 930 pro sporting shotgun? What are your impressions? Id love to find one to handle in S. Louisiana.

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    I have the Mossberg 930 JM pro. I was going to get into 3-Gun, as of right now it's not going to happen and I'm thinking of selling mine.
    Only has a little over a 100 rounds through it. I'm almost 100% sure it's item# 85118 24" barrel and 10rd capacity.
    If I do sell it will come with original box and paper work, mounted Burris Fastfire 2 and box and about 75rds or so of Winchester 2- 3 /4" 7.5 shot ammo.
    I can get pics this evening if needed.

    I know it would be about an hour drive from Houma, but I will be a Nick Shooting Range in Garyville till about 12:30 this Sunday if you would want to make the ride and check it out and maybe even send a few round down range.
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    Just seeing this, thanks but looking for the particular model referenced since it’s purpose is for trap shooting

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