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    Split casing in .22 round

    I was sighting in my sons 10/22 and during this process I had 3-4 casings split or blow out right below where they were struck with the firing pin. This is a 10/22 that I sent off to CPC for bolt work, trigger work and chamber work. I have another rifle I sent to him that has never done this. This guy is one of the best in the country as far as 10/22ís go but Iím starting to wonder if something is not right between the bolt and chamber. Itís hard for me to believe itís the ammo. It was Winchester brand in the red plastic container. Iíve shot these for years and never had this happen. The bullets may be a few years old at most. I am posting some pics so you can get a better idea as to what is happening. Besides these hiccups the gun ran great and shot really good.

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    Have you got a digital caliper? Can you measure how far the bolt face is recessed from the front of the bolt (headspace)? Whatever the cause, it ain't good!

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    Check Winchester for a recall notice on certain 22lr ammo,I seen to remember some at one time was recalled?
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    I'd call the guy.
    I had a Federal bulk pack split on the rim. Only 1 though. more of a crack along the rim, not as visible and blown out as yours. Not too pleasant an experience.
    My first thought is try different ammo. Also try same ammo different rifle. Of course safety being a concern, it would be better to call the guy and take measurements first.

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    I also shot some Remington subsonic out of the gun and didn’t have this problem. I’ll get in touch with CPC today and see what he thinks. I’ll also do a little research on the ammo I was using.

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    Randy, at CPC, is top notch. If there is an issue, he'll handle it.

    I don't think there is. Not unless you experience the same problem with a variety of ammunition.

    I've got a brick of Federal Game shock. Every case will crack in my 10/22's, but not in my bolt guns.
    It's the only ammo I've had do this, so I'm not blaming it on the rifles.
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    Man that’s surprising to see. How many rounds through that bolt/barrel since having the work done ?
    Trying different ammo through that rifle and that ammo through a different rifle would be my first steps. Then I’d call Randy with as much information as possible. I haven’t had any issues out of the parts he has worked for me, he will stand by his work.
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    If it is the ammo contact the mfg. Theyll get you some replacement and maybe even a larger quantity.
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    The guns has had less than 200 rounds through it. The first time I shot it I had a vortex red dot on it. I did not have this issue but I think I was shooting some Federal ammo through it. I took the red dot off and mounted the primary arms 1x6 scope and thus the reason for sighting it in this past weekend. Maybe it is the ammo because when I did shoot another brand it did not do this. I’ll test it this weekend and run some different brands through it and see what happens.

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    That is simply a bad run of ammo friend. I’d dispose of the rest. Had a whole bulk pack of wildcats that were doing the same thing. I threw them in my burn pile and had a laugh.
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