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    4 person or 6 person tent?

    I'm looking for a tent on the ground and I can not decide what size is more applicable. This is a tent for cars that is not such an important subject. I'm looking at this article- I could not find someone local to have an idea that was better.
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    Ease of set-up should also be of primary concern.
    If it were me I would have a six person. When it starts to rain you have room for an ice chest, a chair and your sleeping bag. Having room for a camp toilet is also a plus.

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    How many people and what weather conditions? My elk hunt experience was smaller tent means your body heat can heat it up. If only Deep South then bigger is better...and I am not an expert!

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    I you are in seattle like your profile suggests and depending on your intended use, look at the rainier wall tents. That is assuming that it would be used for big game hunting

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    Use should dictate need. We use an 8 person tent for two. We can stand up anywhere in it, set up cots, set up chairs... Works well.
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    I agree with others, bigger is better, and I usually pitch a fly then set up the tent under it, gives extra protection in case of rain or dew and a place to cook/lounge out of the rain or direct sun.
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    I say if you are transporting in your car and size and weight is not an issue then go bigger. I went camping with my son for Boy Scouts and it is so much nicer to have some space to move around and store things in your tent when I went with a bigger tent.
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    We use a 10 person tent for our family of 5. We have plenty of room inside for everything we need. I would also suggest a fly/large tarp setup outside to lounge/cook under during hot days. I agree if you are carrying it in the car and have the space to set it up go bigger.
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    Buy a tent based on the weather you will use it in, first and first mostly.

    Our family tent is a Bushel 6 person tent for a family of 4. It’s got a 72” ceiling so I can reasonably stand up in it. We do a queen and a double air mattress and have room for our packs and other gear we want to bring in.
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    Just recently picked up a Big Agnes Tensleep Station 6 after sifting through hundreds of tents. Because it's a base camp/car camp set up I wasn't worried about weight so went with a little extra room.

    There are so many good options out there and feature sets are all over the place.

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