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    Ruger PC carbines

    Ruger has some new PC models out. They look pretty cool and take Glock mags as well.

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    I'm a Ruger fan and to each his own, but as far as looks....well....
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    I hear really good things about the 9mm. But a lot of vocal people seem to have preferred a 10mm or a 45acp over the 40cal. I They look funny to me. I think if the bottom of the takedown section of the stock was horizontal, continuing the line of the main part of the stock, instead of angling up, it would look a bit better. As of now, it looks like two separate rifles mashed together. And the free float handguards are off-center.

    I may be missing something, but is there an advantage of a pistol caliber rifle over a rifle caliber rifle other than a range toy? For home defense, I would think an AR pistol in a pistol caliber with a brace and a berrell less than 6 inches would be better. For longer range, a rifle round would be better than a 9mm round. Again, am I missing something here?
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    I've had mine for about a year and it's fun gun to shoot and with Underwood ammo, it's about 357 magnum pistol power with 17rds or more.

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    @perez I don’t think you are missing anything... but some people don’t make choices for self defense on what may be ballistically or tactically superior. They simply make it based on what they have in hand or what they like. And that’s reasonable enough for them.

    Saying that to say a cool 9mm or 10mm carbine may be what they bought and either of those calibers are adequate as a 2 legged intruder stopper.

    It’s got an acceptable 15-20+ round capacity of low recoil, less noise and muzzle flash than a stock AR pistol type weapon. I’d have no issue picking that up in the middle of the night to check out what went bump.

    I’d really love to take one through a couple AR classes to see how it does. It’d be quite a bit cheaper to shoot as well.

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    I get it. I had a hi-point 9mm carbine back in the day. It was fun to shoot. And the fact that Ruger takes Glock mags is an added bonus.

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    It looks like it’s definitely runnable as a tacticool carbine. Been watching some folks run it. Looks like moving the charging handle to the left side makes it easier to run with mag changes.

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    Heavy and conventional (old) looking. Neither a plus for me...

    Blowback action, so nothing special there. More weight but should be reliable.

    Takedown is interesting if not overly practical. Too heavy to be a pack gun.

    Only saving grace is that they take glock mags so you can have decent capacity. And inexpensive mags.

    Keep in mind that a 33rd glock mag fully of 115gr 9mm weighs the same as a 30rd mag of 55gr 223. And 223 out of a 16 inch barrel is way more effective at any distance than 9mm.

    These strike me as range toys. Unless they make a braced pistol version. If they can get the weight down that would be interesting. However a glock in a micro roni with brace is likely a better bet.
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    It's a Ruger, and has a threaded barrel option which I think is cool. Yeah, it's heavy but all Rugers are heavy. For the money, they're highly reliable guns, and I believe underpriced for what you get. The take down is sweet. Cleans up in no time and snaps back. I think the 9mm carbines are made to clean out a room when you kick the door in. Rifle cartridges are hot inside a structure.
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