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    Everyone knows you always carry a round in the Chamber.
    How else could ya Rack the slide back and eject a live round onto the ground! {IE} To let them know Ya Mean Bussiness! J/K

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    Always with a round chambered. I used to have one of the DAO S&W scandium lite revolvers, until my wife started
    "making" me, seeing the gun butt in my pocket. I researched and got us a couple of little SIG semi autos, a P238 for her and a P938 for myself. I got a Red Dog leather pocket holster that is a wallet style, has a flap that folds completely the butt. I carry one in chamber, hammer cocked and safety on. Admittely I was very nervous at first, but quickly got used to it. The holster has molded itself to the safety levers and it would be very difficult to bump the safety off in my pocket. I live in E. Texas, but still have a house in the W.Monroe area. and last trip over showed it to the deputy who manages the Ouachita parrish range, Asked him if he wanted to see it and he did so I told him the condition, took it out of pocket and handed it over, He very carefully pointed in proper direction, and completely unloaded, looked it over along with holster, then properly reloaded and reholstered and handed it back, saying that was the way to carry.

    A week or so ago in Nacgdoches, Tx I was stopped for rolling through a blinking red light after a power outage, all lights were out. I first told officer I was armed, where gun was and showed my license, He was extremely nice, and we had a friendly conversation and he inquired about the holster. I said he already had my license #, and new my concealed license was linked via computer so he should know about that and that the last thing I needed was to get into a confrontation with a LEO involving a firearm. In Tx. penalties are usually double for assaulting a "public servant".

    He laughed and said that he wished more had that attitude.

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    I’m waiting for a CC state to make it part of the law that the gun must be carried with an empty chamber. You know it’s for the safety of the children.
    Those who live by the sword, get shot by those who don't.


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    Quote Originally Posted by NOLASHOOTER View Post
    Plain and simple. If you are not ready to carry your weapon with a round in the chamber then you are not “ready” to carry. Training and practice and making yourself feel comfortable is something that should be done prior to walking out of your house with a weapon. We all know it because it is part of our thinking but nobody should ever forget that there is a tremendous amount of responsibility we have as CC people. People just think you can jump into it and as long as you got your permit, bought some crappy holster and the cheapest gun you could afford that you are some sort of tactical operator. It never ceases to amaze me that every open carry person I have ever seen is usually some overweight slob with a cheap $10 Walmart holster and their gun looks like it has spent most of its life bouncing around in the bed of a truck. I hear the term responsible gun ownership and that should be especially true of someone who carries. I also laugh when I hear it will only add a half a second to rack the slide. How long do people think being attacked takes? Do they think they are going to see a person two blocks away coming toward them and they will have the time to go through preparing for that attacker. If you have that much time then avoid the attack altogether. Anyway, those are my thoughts.
    Hey. Why the dig at OC people? The poor deceased man in the video was a CC guy. Is there a weight requirement for CCing? I know some over weight CC guys and a few of those should have someone else dress them. The rare occasions that I've seen OC guys, they look like anyone else does... except they have a firearm on their side.

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