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    And this is where we end up...

    So which is it, libs? Take your pick and live with the choice. Either girls can't do anything about males in their restrooms, or they can, but it has to be one or the other. Either you want the LGBTQXRS123? agenda, or the #metoo movement, but it's never going to work both ways (kinda like biological gender, ironically).

    In summary for those who never read the linked articles before commenting (weird, I know, but we all see it happen here frequently, don't we?), a female-to-male transitioning student posted an Insta-snap or whatever taken inside the boys restroom of the school. Several boys decide (remember, they're teenagers, so anything you might call a "decision" on their behalf is already questionable) that as a protest, they're going to enter the girls restroom and take their own snaps to Facepost or something. Upon entering, the first boy encounters a girl who promptly gives him a knee strike to "the Jimmy" (all fathers of daughters, pause to grin proudly and stretch back with your hands behind your head), after which he retreats to the hall and the others don't follow (was he the bravest, or the stupidest?).

    Now there is an uproar because...well...because of all this liberal bathroom garbage and the mess it's creating. The school took disciplinary action against the girl because she moved straight to violence, but a politician is jumping in decrying action against the girl because we shouldn't ever discourage girls from defending themselves if they don't feel safe. To be clear, there's no claim of any type of attack, but some speculation or claim that the boy(s) may have tried to block her from leaving (that's reason enough in my book).

    Pick, liberals. It's either/or, just like gender. Either this girl is supposed to indoctrinate into your La-La-Land fantasy and accept anyone walking into the restroom as an androgynous meat-sack, or she's supposed to stand up for her womanhood against the oppression of the dominant male patriarchy, but whichever it's going to be, please decide before she graduates and begins to vote!

    DISCLAIMER: I am not the father of a daughter, but if I was, I would defend her to the very end if this happened to her, and my son will damned well know better than to go poking his nose (or any other part of himself, for that matter) where it don't belong!

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    Teenagers and good decision making skills are like Muslims and bacon. Find the two together and you’ve got something worth talking about

    I think the only smart decision involved was a knee and some family jewels. Everything else makes me hang my head in shame.

    Also Santa won’t be pleased with his little elves.
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    From what I gathered from reading the article, there were 7 boys ready to enter but decided not to after the first boy was struck. The article made is sound like he was the only one who entered. So either the other boys waited or the girl must have been close to the door when the first one entered. If it's the latter and she say one boy enter with 6 behind him, it's easy to see her that brain could easily view the situation as a dangerous one for her. "This must be a protest that doesn't involve me" would likely not be at the top of anyone's mind other than the 7 boys involved in the protest.

    As far as *We do not advocate physical or psychological violence as a means to attain safety,* no. That blanket statement does not work. There are times when violence is an appropriate response to the situation.

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    This to me, was the most baffling part of that story;

    At North Pole High School, about 16 transgender students have attended the school in the last three years, she said.
    Crazy eskimo's!

    I think that any student wishing to use a non-traditional "boys" or "girls" restroom should be allowed access to the faculty bathrooms. As for the girl, if it were me, I would have assumed the boy had bad intentions, and even more so if I actually saw 6 others behind him. Of course, two sides to the story, but confirming any hint of her being detained by those boys in that bathroom should carry the heaviest weight.
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    I don't get why people worry so much about gendered bathrooms.

    My college dorm had co-ed bathrooms in the early 90's. There were more important things to worry about than whether the person in the stall next to me was a man or a woman.

    ΦΒΚ. Honi soit qui mal y pense.

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