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    Tactical Backpack, Black/Tan, brand new, well built & very nice! Only $30

    This awesome backpack sold under the Gurkha Premium Cigars* brand was a Xmas present -- along with a stash of my favorite smokes -- but I have no need for a tactical backpack so it's sitting inside a closet unused. Excellent build quality and materials, also very roomy w/ nicely padded carry straps too. You can read a product description (and lots of 5-Star reviews) online at where it sells for $49.95 today. My price is $30 cash FTF in the NOLa metro region. Here are factory pics followed by actual pics below:
    ghpack-1003_left.jpg ghpack-1003_right.jpg
    * NOTE: It took just seconds for me to remove the red Gurkha label that was loosely sewn to the backpack, thanks again for looking...
    IMG_20190415_133439109.jpg IMG_20190415_133312665.jpg IMG_20190415_133246556.jpg
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