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    I despise ARFCOM

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    Engraved Henry sounds awesome . Or pick one of your own to have engraved and pass it down .
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    I'm pretty sure this whole idea is considered child abuse, these days, and you will surely be arrested the second you step in the hospital with a picture of the firearm... Or just with the thought running around in your head.

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    Just wondering what an AR will have evolved to by the time he really gets old enough to enjoy it.

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    Congrats Grand paw
    Get the lad let's say an 10/22 or even a Barrett 50 cal.
    I think that will cover all bases
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    Layne Zulke from right here in Baton Rouge is an award winning Master Engraver from the Engravers Guild of America.

    Layne's engraving work on guns is off the charts! He has a webpage and is on FB if you want to look him up.

    I can get you in touch with him if you like-PM me.
    I got a 1 1/2" guard rail nut on a 6 foot piece of 550 cord. It's not uber-tactical, but one smack in the grape and its coloring books for Christmas.

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    I bought an engraved knife with my grandsons name from Randall Knives and it took about 4 years to get here. Made a nice display from a deer antler for the knife.
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    When my son was born I bought him a classic Henry lever action in 22. I know from experience little boys can be rough on guns especially trying to retrieve the squirrel that fell in a briar patch.

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    Well how about a Weatherby 458 Magnum? Give him something to grow up to!

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    Yellow Boxes? Sweet!

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    I would consider getting him a lifetime hunting and fishing license.
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    My vote is basically anything in .22LR... Whether you're 8 or 80, its easy to manage due to low recoil, its an affordable and timeless round, and lets be honest... They are just simply fun to shoot...
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