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    Mossberg 590 20" barrel

    For possible trade is a Mossberg 590, 20 inch barrel, with heat shield, bayonet lug, and wood furniture. Finish is (I believe) parkerized. Holds 8+1 2&3/4 shells. Great shotgun, I've qualified every year with it for my department with no issues. It's just a no-frills fighting shotgun.

    I'm just kinda done with it, and I only take it out of the safe once a year to qualify with it, clean it, and put it back up. I figured I'd give some others a chance to snag it if they were looking for one.

    I'd say trade value is 450ish, give or take, but it really is worth what you want to give for it, and what I'm willing to take for it.

    List of things I'm looking for are:

    Ruger or Smith and Wesson revolvers in .38/.357, or 44mag. (I would also consider other calibers, those are just my favorites.)

    Almost any Glock 9mm (depends on condition. I dont want one that's been drug behind a truck.)

    Will consider other 9mm handguns, but they would have to be a really good deal. (Like a sig x-frame)

    A s&w revolver in .22lr

    A Ruger 10/22 takedown (with extras either for it or for an AR pattern rifle thrown in)

    Left hand bolt guns in magnum calibers.

    If you have anything on the above list (or you just want to make a trade offer on the off chance I may want what you're willing to part with, shoot me a PM!
    FTF in Baton Rouge only, dont want to travel. Bill of sale required unless you are LEO or have a valid CCW.


    *edit to add* PM or text is fine 3186630718
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    Bump! Someone in the BR area needs this and has a Glock or a Smith wheelgun they dont mind parting with!

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