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    Pistol Threaded Barrels

    Anyone have any recommendations on replacement threaded barrels for a G17 and an HK VP9?

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    Check out aim surplus, I was looking at one of their email earlier and they had some barrels. Didn't notice the brands
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    I have a VP9 one. I bought a threaded barrel for my VP9 (I think factory, but it might be RCM) but bought a VP9 tactical shortly after (I'm a sucker for the "tactical" roll mark).

    Also on my glock 17's I've had good luck with Zev barrels (I think I own quite a few of them). Surefire barrels are good, I had some lonewolf in the past that worked but had an occasional hiccup while suppressed. Though stormlake makes a good barrel, I feel they extend too far from the front of the gun. My blacklist barrel has a nice finish, and comes with an o-ring.

    glock barrels:

    HK barrels:
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    Brownells has silencerco barrels on sale right now

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    2 silencerco barrels here. One for the 19 and the 17L. Good to go for me.
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    In my G4 glocks I used oem threaded barrels.

    The barrels for the 19 and 26 work in the G5 guns but the 17 does not.
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    I saw that but when I looked they were the stainless barrels.

    Quote Originally Posted by 103M 95G View Post
    Brownells has silencerco barrels on sale right now

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    Silencer co threaded barrels have done well for me and are accurate

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    Look at bear creek arsenal. Mine shoots pretty good
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