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Thread: Kombucha SCOBYs

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    Kombucha SCOBYs

    I started making kombucha about 3 yrs ago. A guy I worked with told me about it and I bought a SCOBY from him.

    Kombucha is a probiotic beverage made from fermenting black tea with a certain bacteria. I don't want to go into all the information and benefits here. You can find all the info you want on it by a quick google search.

    Anyways, I have a whole bunch of these SCOBYs, which stands for Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast. They look the size of pancakes and feel rubbery like squid. You make a gallon of sweet tea (I use Lipton), wait for it to cool to room temperature. Put the SCOBY in it, cover the jar with a tshirt material type cloth and secure it with a rubber band. Keep it in a location that is kinda dark and between 67-71F. Taste it after a week and if it still tastes like regular tea, cover it again, put it back and try it every 3 days. I recommend not going over 2 weeks. The flavor I aim for is vinegary apple juice.

    Price for this wonderful stuff: $20 will get you 1 gallon jar sized SCOBY, a brand new glass gallon jar with lid, 1 cup of starter liquid. (The starter liquid is just kombucha from a previous batch you add to your first batch to lower the pH to inhibit possible mold growth.) The SCOBYs are reusable and will make a "child" SCOBY every time you brew a batch of kombucha. If you want more than one, each additional SCOBY is $5.

    I am not sure if I want to ship these things. It would be expensive because of the precautions for the jar, AND these SCOBYs are live organisms. We're in south LA and summer is approaching. I don't think they would survive the back of a steaming UPS or USPS truck, so this will probably have to be done face to face. I'm in New Iberia. Farthest I'm willing to drive is Lafayette, Kaplan, and possibly Morgan City.

    Also, if you include your email address, I'll email you a simple text file with my recipe and detailed instructions on how to keep your SCOBYs alive.
    "Your" does not equal "You're", the contraction for "You are".

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    Bump. Feel free to ask me any questions.
    "Your" does not equal "You're", the contraction for "You are".

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    "Your" does not equal "You're", the contraction for "You are".

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