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    AMRS - New micro red dot from busnhell

    New red dot at a great price point.

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    Not Banned!!!

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    This is interesting, given the price...

    However it has the docter footprint, which must be the least popular footprint of the various MRDS out there. And the unit seems too wide to really fit nicely on a handgun slide. The side battery tray is interesting, but bulky. And the button location is questionable too.

    And will it be comparable in quality to the Holosun 407c, the budget brother to the 507c? I have both of those and while I like the reticle option the 507c gives, the 407 is quite full featured. The 407c seems to be the least expensive MRDS that has auto brightness, and the "shake awake" feature, plus it shares the footprint with the RMR, which is great for low mount on an aftermarket cut slide. The bushnell has none of these features.

    I picked up the 407c from brownells for 180 shipped. The Bushnell seems to be about 150. 30 bucks is 30 bucks I guess.
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