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    PSA is good to go! I have purchased mags, ammo, and a complete upper from them.
    I know several people who have done the same with no issues.

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    I put together a $250 pistol kit last year, 100 rnd mag dump fresh off the bench, then 30 rnd mag dump suppressed. No issues. this is like the 5th PSA kit I assembled and no issues

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    Thanks everyone! I ordered an 8* complete upper in 300BLK today. I also pick up my SilencerCo Omega 300 can from Kenny at Meplat Group on Friday too!
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    I would happily sell you my upgraded AR9 for what you would pay for

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    All or nothing

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    Not sure how many years I’ve dealt with them or how many thousands of dollars I’ve spent with them but I’ve had 2 issues......which were quickly and easily remedied to my complete satisfaction. They sell to the public at dealer prices. Their product is quality mil spec. For years they’ve sold uppers/rifles with FN CHF barrels at a fraction of the price that they go for elsewhere. They generally sell other name brand parts, ammo and firearms at prices most dealers will not touch.
    That being said, the only real and common issues I think they ever had was with their P-Tac line of parts and rifles. These were reportedly built by another manufacturer and sold by PSA. They’ve since dropped that line.
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    WTB a PSA pistol if anyone wants to let one go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger57 View Post
    WTB a PSA pistol if anyone wants to let one go.
    I think I saw one or two available on PSA's website.

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    Sic semper tyrannis

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    One of my sbr lowers is PSA. It works just fine.
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