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    Another Fine Day At The Range, .22 Style

    During this past year I’ve been concentrating on my 11 year old grandson and his 4-H shooting with .22 smallbore (CMP Sporter). Pretty well got his rifle set up (Volquartsen bolt release and hammer, Magpul stock, Whistlepig lightweight aluminum 18.5 bull barrel, Power Custom mag release, Kidd adjustable trigger blade with overtravel screw) and planning ahead a little bit by working up a suitable 22 for the granddaughters (8 and 5) coming along behind him.

    The newest rifle is a Ruger 10/22 (Thanks GentleBen) that I had floated the barrel and was attempting to sight in an old scope just for plinking before obtaining a dedicated .22 scope. I mounted an old Redfield Widefield 3-9 but after a few shots realized that the parallax was a problem and couldn’t adjust to the 25 yd and 50 yd distances where we’ll be doing most of our shooting. Scrap the idea of using the Redfield, but have another scope to try next time.

    Helping with the day was the 8 YO granddaughter and she got some trigger time in with the 11 YO’s .22 with Magpul stock. We found out that even with the stock at it’s shortest configuration she still has problems shouldering it, so back to the drawing board, possibly to a different type youth stock. We were shooting at a nearby gravel pit on a makeshift table off the truck tailgate. Still an enjoyable afternoon.

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    Looking good!!! Wish more would take the time with the kids!
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    Great job. Kids belong outside doing stuff. Honestly we all belong outside. People talk about this cleanse and that detox, get outside and sweat a little, soak up that sun, and breath some fresh air. Shooting is definitely not a bad way to spend a day either.

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    Good deal! Keep 'em shooting!

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    I am glad to see the kids getting started. I have been working with the Claiborne Parish 4H shooting sports program for several years. It's the most popular 4 H program that we have. We offer archery, fishing, air rifle, .22 rifle, 22 pistol and shotgun classes.

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    Looks like lots of fun! Sounds like you’ve got him set up nice.

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