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    Down Sleeping bag, boots, hatchet, and more!

    Hello there, looking to sell a few items that I no longer have use for.

    1.) Eberlestock Eurodown goose down mummy style sleeping bag.
    If you are looking to upgrade your winter sleeping set up with a nice deep winter bag from a great company but don't want to pay the $700 price tag and forgo those typical tacky bright colors on most bags of this caliber, then this is the item for you. Have not used this bag out in the field yet to test as I have moved to quilts for my hiking needs, but I have slept in the bag indoors to test it out. I am also the original owner and the bag has never been washed at all.
    Specs read below:

    - Temperature reading: Comfort -22F and push rating (survival) -36F (the bag is very lofty, but the loft is just about as much as my -10 degree hybrid sleeping bag so I am not sure I would comfort rate this to -22F, but this is a definitely at least a below zero bag with base layers based on the loft of at least 8-9 inches)
    -Does not specifically state the quality of down, but did say that it is at least a 650 fill power goose down, not a duck down which is lower quality.
    -Fully insulated foot box
    -Heavy duty down the middle zipper for easy of snag free zipping
    -Weight: around 3.75 lbs and about 4 lbs inside of compression sack (light for this size of a bag).
    - Comes with a compression sack as well as a storage sack.
    -Made from an OD color rip-stop nylon (not water proof but water resistant)
    -Size: long (I am right at 6' exactly and 180 lbs; I fit perfectly but this bag can easily fit someone much bigger as well.)
    - I store this bag completely uncompressed in a closet hanging up like a jacket so the down does not lose any of its functional loft.
    -Price: $350 shipped


    This a comparison to my 0F UGQ quilt

    2.)Rocky S2Vs
    -Only worn once for a day to test fit
    -Size 11 but I recommend these for those that normally have a 10.5 sized foot (I wear an 11, but there were a little small for me with thicker/medium thick wool socks).
    -Tan coloration
    -NOT waterproof but has an internal breathable mesh allowing for the user to "walk the boots dry".
    -Weight: 2 lb per boot (these are heavy but rugged boots)
    -Price: $150 shipped

    3.)Gransfors bruk wildlife hatchet
    -Very nice handmade hatchet from Gransfors bruk. If you guys know anything about this company, you would know that they are very definition of Swiss perfection and pretty much the golden standard when it comes to axe based cutlery. Looking to get $150 shipped for the entire package, which comes with a very nice after market axe mask (sheath) that by far head over heals better than what came with the hatchet to begin with.

    5.) SBT Bren 805 folding brace
    -Bought this brace and never really used it, looking to sell for $140 shipped

    6.) Catoma pop-up military tent
    Only used once since I picked up a Z-packs tents. The tent is completely and includes all parts including the rainfly (which is rare). Condition is LNIB. Looking to get $160 shipped, box included.

    If you have any further questions about the items, then send me a message. I accept paypal (preferred method) either gift or add 3% for the regular purchase option. I also accept USPS MO, but paypal is my preferred method. I am currently located in Monroe; this listing is cross posted.

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