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Thank you for the clarification. I have re-read post #1, as you suggested. It seems your dates are incorrect, it is unclear if the sale begins on *Veterans Day*, if so that is 11-11-19. Or does the sale begin on *5-28-19* which is the day after Memorial Day. *Memorial Day* is 5-27-19. See the confusion? But instead of trying to explain all of this, I simply asked where more info could be found. I will re-read post #1 again to see if it is any clearer.
You could have easily done a search for "Glock Blue Label Veterans Day Memorial Day". There are numerous results referencing the 2018 program, including some official announcements by Glock. With the first post in this thread saying the program would be its second year in a row, it's reasonable to speculate a 2019 program, if there would be one, would be similar to the one in 2018. In fact, the start and end dates in the original post coincide with the holidays listed in the 2018 program. The holiday labels in the original post had been erroneously transposed but all other information, when the 2018 program information is added, overwhelmingly suggests the label transposition was, in fact, an easily rectified error that would likely not cause much confusion, if any. One would reasonably expect people in the industry to receive some information before the general public.

But now that the easily rectified error in the original post has been corrected, what further information do you want?