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    Set of Axe Luxury 20" wheels + Delinte Tires for RWD Lexus/Toyota Truck-SUV-Sedan

    Selling a very nice set of (4) Axe Luxury 20" (Model EX19) staggered rims coming off a Lexus GS sedan and complete with great condition low profile tires (Delinte Thunder D7 Ultra High Performance) ready to roll. Staggered wheel layout features a wider rear size so these work great -- and look great -- for any RWD Lexus or Toyota 5-lug pattern including trucks and SUV's with the correct truck tires added. These wheels sell online for $900 a set before adding tires. Minor curb rash on two rim edges but hardly noticeable, check the photos yourself. Asking $600 FTF in the NOLA metro area. Thanks for looking...
    IMG_20190509_172740_01.jpg IMG_20190510_115305385.jpg IMG_20190510_115252770.jpg IMG_20190510_115314260.jpg
    If you want only the wheels, let's discuss!
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