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    Quote Originally Posted by xobelkcat View Post
    When I was a kid I wanted one of those.

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    Take a Card. Any Card.

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    My vote....The Dardick
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    We Sackett boys never killed anything we didn't need to eat unless it was coming at us.

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    No contest , instant winner .
    The hi point 995.

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    Day of the Rope!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrandonPle View Post
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    No contest , instant winner .
    The hi point 995.
    I know what you mean but you must admit, it's like the wallflower at the dance.
    Might not be anything to look at but it will perform flawlessly all night long if you want it to...
    You don't even have to pay for breakfast in the morning unless you feel the need.
    Therein lies the beauty to me, utility wins over pure aesthetica.
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    Day of the Rope!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beau Etienne View Post
    My vote....The Dardick
    Ooh, good one.
    Semper Ubi Sub Ubi

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    Sic semper tyrannis

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    My MPA 930SST that I SBRed is pretty ugly.

    Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free.

    I like guns because they're f*cking awesome.

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    The Rhino the gun is damn ugly, but pimped out in gold?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spleen View Post
    Howdy All!

    Recently, theperez1972 made a post entitled Ugly Weapons.
    In it he has put a picture of an AK47 with a wooden "dongle" forend as I like to call them.
    He stated that he considers it truly ugly.
    For this I must agree, having always thought the traditional wooden AK furniture to be much more aesthetically pleasing.
    In all honesty, I believe the basic AKMS underfolder is likely one of the most iconically beautiful machines ever made.

    As threads do, it wandered a bit.
    Unfortunately, it wandered into the wasteland that is viewpoints on the venerable and equally iconic 1911.

    Originally Posted by machinedrummer:
    "The 1911 is probably the ugliest gun ever produced."


    So, in lieu of derailing the other post's intent, I would like to discuss ugly guns here as well with no limits held and a welcome attitude towards derailing this thread.

    I'll start, if you don't mind.
    My vote for the ugliest gun is not the 1911, which I find quite beautiful.
    It is also not the HiPernt, which I find hideously ugly that is only allowable due to the nature of exactly what it is in the firearms world.

    My vote is for this:

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    Behold! The Taurus Judge Public Defender Polymer!

    Okay, the first time I saw a Taurus Judge my first thought was just how ugly it was.
    This is the only time in my recollection that I disliked a firearm design immediately.
    Having shot one, I can say that it was neither a good nor bad experience.
    The gun worked but seemed pointless.
    I know, people usually try to come to its rescue by calling it a "snake gun," but let's be honest, there are far better snake guns out there.
    Of course, many folks just find the thing fun to shoot and there's no harm in that.
    Just not my cup'o tea.

    Having said that, there is a carbine version of the Judge called the "Circuit Judge," pictured here:

    Attachment 86066

    For some reason, I actually like how that gun looks.
    No real idea why but I do.

    On the flip side, which firearm do you consider the most beautiful?

    My vote for most beautiful is the Marlin 1895 Trapper in 45/70:

    Attachment 86067

    I work and live part time in Barrow Alaska and am never without my Trapper when out and about.
    As a plus, it's fun to shoot as well.

    So, what firearm do you consider the ugliest?
    Let the flaming begin!
    I am not flaming, but would not consider the Trapper the most beautiful by any means, nor could i apply that to any satinless with black stock beautiful. I have a first year Guide Gun and hit the wood jackpot, getting a nice piece of burl walnut. I certainly understand the functional beauty of yours in a place like Alaska, and would probably prefer it if i were there. I honestly have a problem choosing a most beautiful from those i have, a Winchester 1894 centennial commerative, 30-30 with 26" half octagon half round barrel, button magazine(3 round capacity) checkered flame grained stock, pistol grip with crescent buttplate, roll engraved and a Lyman tang sight. My second choice might be a Darne 28 ga sxs shotgun, a French sliding breech model.

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    Day of the Rope!

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    Fair enough, I agree with you on the most beautiful moniker to my Trapper.
    It's only most beautiful because of its utility to me.
    Must admit to a penchant for half octagon barrels on lever actions.
    Especially with a nice deep blued finish.
    Semper Ubi Sub Ubi

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    All or nothing

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    Yeah, I dont get it. Im searching my soul to see if I ever purchased or decided not to purchase a firearm solely based on the aesthetics of the gun and Im convinced I have never based the purchase of any firearm on pretty or ugly. Im sure Ive passed on a few that were obviously beat to hell, but not because of the look of any gun in original condition.
    That being said, the first thing I considered before dating, marrying or otherwise pursuing any woman was her looks. I guess guns are different, huh...
    Contrary to popular belief, a head shot is not necessarily a guaranteed kill shot....but it sure does take the fight out of 'em.

    and if one in every 100,000,000 M&M's contained enough cyanide to kill a person, the Mars candy company would be forced by public outcry to correct it

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