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    Need Family Law Attorney Northshore asap

    Guys, I'm posting this because if I don't continue moving in the right direction I'll have regrets later. Simple version is I divorced in 2009, signed the papers w/o an atty (couldn't afford one) and have done everything I could've done to be the best "across the lake" "every other weekend" Dad I could. I went from living in a camper in state parks and 50k in debt to happily remarried and financially stable today. My wife and I have watched my ex remarry, divorce and move the next guy in. My three daughters are 30, 21 and 13. Eldest is fine, married, stable with 2 angel grand daughters. Middle daughter struggles emotionally but brilliant and will graduate college 2020. Youngest is in crisis after crisis. After trouble with the law (now in DA diversion) suicide attempts, in patient hospitalization, runaway threats, etc. ex has allowed her to quit school and stay home alone taking online classes. For several years my little one has been pulling away from any contact with me and manipulating her mother (seems more than willing to be manipulated, co-dependent). After talking with our youth pastor, my wife, my eldest and her husband, a church elder, some close friends, I finally got courage to hire an attorney so I could be rightly involved with the safety and well being of my troubled little (big) girl. He encouraged me to file for a change of custody. After he dragged his feet for a month with no filing draft I got nervous and released him. Hired a lady that's a mediator /attorney. Hoped a kind spirited letter would get things going in the right direction. It didn't and my ex went to the child support office and claimed I wasn't paying per our court order. True, I wasn't. I was paying faithfully per a verbal agreement to help with LSU fee bill for middle daughter. She learned a verbal is meaningless and in response to my wanting to help my kid I now get to pay 10k arrears. I learned a painful lesson. Current attorney drops the hammer on her and has filed numerous motions as my ex has flatly ignored everything in the 2009 order. I stopped getting regular visitation when ex decided, mortgage still not refi or property sold, etc etc. I did so much work on the motions but soon discovered that $6k doesn't go far with attorneys that can't return calls, emails and dont have capacity or staff to work efficiently. I'm asking here in hopes that someone knows someone that has the following credentials: 1. Walking a Christian walk, not a Bible thumper or arrogant high brow 2. Understands that men sometimes wait a long time to take action out of fear 3. Knows St Tammany parish 22nd Judicial judges and staffers by 1st name 4. Has represented men like me successfully without creating more hardship, emotional or financial 5. Diligent and has capacity to communicate, provide proper notice for hearing dates and documentation required for same.
    I'm a kind hearted fellow with above average intelligence. My documentation for every motion is in order. I'm known to cry like a baby as I miss my daughter and am worried about her. I need a good man or woman to stand with me in the legal arena. I want what's right to be foremost, whatever the rightest thing is. Help if you can. Mike

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    Sorry to say, I don't know of a attorney that fits your needs. I know that the path you are on has a crap load of bumps and snares as you have found. Please keep your chin up, tread on and find success! I commend you on your commitment, dedication and love of your youngest daughter. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers!

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    Very tough situation but don’t give up. Prayers sent y’all’s way.

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    Dixie Brown... She is amazing at what she does. And very fair money wise. Her office is on Poydras, downtown but practices across south louisiana. She handled my divorce. Not a single move was made or a single thing done without me being very well informed beforehand! I see you mention, communication is a concern with past lawyers.. Dixie gave me her personal cell phone number and answered me everytime I either shot her a text or called. May have taken a day or so for text reply, but she did ALWAYS get back to me one way or another...
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    Prayers, I realize this over and over, are the only answer to this tangled, emotional mess. I struggle with turning this over to the God of the universe, the One that can and will move mountains and soften hearts. Please don't hesitate to reply with prayer as the real answer, I need more than regular reminding. An attorney with a solid prayer life would be a prayer answered. Thanks everyone. I'll keep checking in. Mike

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