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    Against company policy.
    “You pick up a gun to shoot to kill. Or you don’t pick up a gun.”

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    Not a Fed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedStickChick View Post
    Against company policy.
    What about for carriers?
    The problems we face today are
    there because the people who work
    for a living are outnumbered by those
    who vote for a living.

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    On Target

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    "Heh. Work on a military base, and no-one is allowed to have a gun. How stupid is that?"

    I spent 6 years in the military and I did not trust many of the guys in my unit with guns. Many were idiots and a couple were know drug users. Luckily we only had live rounds when we went to the range to qualify.
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    No, but I should. I've carried my springfield 911 a couple times on accident and no one noticed. I would get fired immediately if anyone in my office reported I had a gun.... and I bet a lot of these suckers would..... If for whatever reason my shirt slid up and someone saw it I could get fired... Instead I just carry a tactical pocket knife, in the case of an active shooter, I plan on hiding behind a corner and stabbing the face as he passes by. Work is the only place I do not regularly carry.

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    I got a gun safe at work, my son carries. Needless to say we might have an edge, kinda just depends?
    One team, one mission, only one result! Seals 1 Bin Laden 0

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    Against company policy but my truck is right outside the back door and my office is right inside the backdoor. Just slip out the back, select the best tool for the job and circle around front.

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    I spent ten years active duty as a USAF officer, two years of that at an assignment in Turkey where we had a large army contingent. Had it been allowed, I would have been ok with most of the officers and senior NCO's carrying, but the very young enlisted troops, especially some of those army guys, no way. Back stateside again young enlisted, especially in barracks, no way again.

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