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Thread: Pocket Guns.

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    S&W Bodyguard 380 or LCP II. They fit in the same pocket holster I have.
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    On Target

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    I used to only pocket carry, my Kahr CM9, or my AMT backup II in 380.

    I still pocket the CM9, or my Glock 43, usually the CM9 if it goes in the pocket.

    I love that Kahr trigger.

    I mostly carry these pocket guns on my waist, quicker to draw and still disappear.

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    42 Glock with Streamlight lazer and light, no problem at all.

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    All or nothing

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    Quote Originally Posted by sportsbud View Post
    I have been really wanting a seecamp in 380... Really bad...
    Yeah, it’s actually a decent shooter, especially for the size. Can’t say that about the 32 ACP but it is what it is. Feels almost like a zippo lighter in the pocket and it always wants to rotate muzzle up in my pocket. Have to fish it out by the dang trigger guard.
    My dad saw it and asked me “what size box of cracker jacks does that come in?”
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