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    FIE Titan Tiger E27 Tanfoglio 25 ACP Chrome/nickel plated immaculate with 2 mags

    Fie Titan Tiger E27 Tanfoglio
    chrome/nickel plated Italian made
    25 acp with 2 magazines, not just 1
    original box and paperwork,
    pocket holster and original receipt

    This is a rare find! I bought this for my Mother after she was mugged. This sat in the box and was only fired by me, about 100-200 rounds. Once when I 1st bought it, then again when she passed, and about a box each both times.

    This comes with the 2 magazines, the paperwork says 6 shot magazines, the sight holes are spaced for 7, and the mags hold 7 rounds and work fine.

    You could fit 8, if you wanted, just not sure how well it would work with 8 +1.

    i have all the original paperwork, box, blank registration card, and even the original receipt.

    This can slide lime and hide anywhere. Itís about 4 1/2* long, by 3 1/4* tall and about 1/2* thick. Recoil is non existent.

    Everything is is shiny and looks great, safety works as it should, as do both magazines.

    I was the original purchaser, bought it at Barkers on vets in Metairie, back I the 70ís.

    I also am am throwing in a pocket holster. A full price will get a box of ammo. A fresh box I bought a few months ago.

    Located in the Metairie area. , if you are interested in all my pocket pistols, I can make you a good price.

    I saved this this one for last, thinking of keeping it.

    Asking $325

    interested, drop me a line.
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    I sold a bunch of them back in the 70s, for around $45/new

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    This was an early 70’s gun to have for sure! ��

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    Happy Friday

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