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    Should Be Some Good Eatin'!

    Fresh pickings this morning!

    "Good food is like good lovin'!"

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    I had a craving flung on me for some fresh green beans. Yesterday I happened to be watching Cook’s Country and they made a green bean salad with Caesar dressing and shaved Parmesan cheese that made the it even worse. Sounded really good. Of corse the 3” thick Porterhouse they grilled with it didn’t help things! Wish my beans would hurry up.

    Summertime means stewed okra and tomatoes, yellow squash with onions, and ANYTHING you can put basil on to me!

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    Looks great.
    I have to find a,store that has some nice looking ones like that as,I have,some of the 20oz. Jars to pickle them in. Last season I only found exspevive crappy looking ones.
    My guess is ya got some ham to cook them down with.

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    Nice lookin' harvest
    “We Sackett boys never killed anything we didn't need to eat unless it was coming at us.”

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    Good looking eats. My garden got away from me. With all of the rain we had in March and April, I was lucky to get a garden in. Now the weeds have taken over. I have put away some squash, zucchini and about 6 quarts beans so far. Not expecting much from the corn at all.

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    Title is "should be some good eating" Looking at the picture all I can ask is are you going to use that as bait in order to catch some food?

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