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    Kimber Raptor II nib

    Kimber Raptor 2

    45 acp, NIB, with all packaging.

    Blued, factory grips and aftermarket grips include, perfect match with serrations so i have to include em.

    factory pic because im out of town till thursday nite, will replace pic when i get home. Lafayette area, BR often also

    $975 or trade up or down.

    Sig P227 SAS, P229 9mm, M11, P226 SAO or Tac.

    Glock G45 MOS, G26 5 gen, G19 5 gen

    hi end AR, 223 or 308
    hi end 1911 full size only

    Remington V3 TAC-13 auto ONLY

    whew !! thats about all i want, i know its not much...LOL

    thanks for the read and don't be shy

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    9, 10, 11 mm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBP55 View Post
    9, 10, 11 mm?
    If memory serves, the blued Raptors are .45ACP only.
    Springfield Armory TRP Stainless
    Kimber Warrior
    Glock 17 Gen5
    Glock 45

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    pic added

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    thanks for the offers, but no deal yet.

    willing to add $$$$ for multiple gun trades

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    Kenner gun show next weekend, ill be there with this gun if anyone in the area is interested.

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    Gun show tomorrow mag if u wanna meet up

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    sig p229 wanted lets deal

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    wanna check it out MSG me ill be at the gun show in Laf tomorrow afternoon

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    Cash ready for the right gun or guns

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