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    Hello fellow enthusiast and defenders. New member

    Hello everyone Charlie here. Im born and raised in uptown New Orleans and currently live on the westbank.

    I fell in love with shooting and fire arms at the age of 8 years old. My neighbor from across the street was a cardiologist, his father was a World War II medic, with an amazing collection of guns including his service 1911. My neighbor took his son and i shooting for the first time out in the woods in Covington when i was 8yo. It was a lugar 22lr.
    Since then I've shot many guns. I have owned a 25cal Bauer, a Makarov pistol 9x18, HK usp compact 40 cal. I own a couple of guns now and am trying to shoot regularly.
    I was told about this forum from the guys at Gretna Gun works.
    Other hobbies include riding and working on Harleys/ other bikes and working out.
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    Welcome aboard.

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    Welcome to Bayou Shooter


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    Welcome from northwest Louisiana!

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    Welcome from North Kenner! Glad to have you with us. Those cats at Gretna Gun Works are alright!
    Formerly known as "Stephen WhoDat"
    God Bless Our Troops!

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    Thank fellas. Looking forward to increasing my knowledge and experience from fellow members

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    Welcome from Kenner

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    Quote Originally Posted by StephenWhoDat View Post
    Welcome from North Kenner! Glad to have you with us. Those cats at Gretna Gun Works are alright!
    Aww sooo sweet! Haha thankz.

    And a formal Welcome Charlie. Happy to see you made it this way. BS is addictive!
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    I like guns because they're f*cking awesome.

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    Welcome. Like he said. bayoushooter is addictive. I may not post, but dont get on here and read daily. There are some good guys on this forum with a wealth of information. Learn from them as you can. I have...
    If you are so proud of where you're from that you fly your flag everywhere, please go back there. Your flag offends me! American lives Matter!

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    Welcome from the Denham Springs area!
    Living the dream!

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