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    Day of the Rope!

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    Eberlestock J51 Warhammer Pack - Dry Earth - Like New, $225 OBO

    Howdy All,

    Up for sale is a barely used (I used it once, was too much pack for me quite honestly) Eberlestock J51 Warhammer Backpack in Dry Earth, like new.
    These have been sold out on for a long time; seem to go as soon as they are made.
    If you know what this is, it needs no explanation.
    If you don't, here's a picture:

    Dry Earth Color

    Opened to hold a 5 Gallon Jerry Can...
    Yes, it really can do this and more.
    Insanely well thought-out pack as far as modularity and versatility goes.

    And a description:

    The J51 Warhammer is built around Eberlestock's innovative Intex-II frame, which gives the benefits of better body contour-fitting ergonomics, closer-to-body load carriage, and a bottom cargo shelf, in an intelligently designed package. Because the frame is fully wrapped in the structure of the pack, more along the lines of an internal frame than an external frame, we've eliminated frame noise, and built an exceptionally comfortable and well ventilated pack. The Warhammer is an off-shoot of our popular J79 Skycrane II, but has more generous side/main butterfly compartments, so in effect the Warhammer has more stand-alone capacity. However, the products are very similar in function, and use many of the same components. The Skycrane II system includes the G1 and LP1 packs, which can be purchased separately when building a J51-based pack.

    By itself, the J51 is a great stand-alone pack, with ample 3-day-class storage and two pockets sized for 70 oz/ 2-liter hydration bladders (sold separately). It doesn't need any other components, depending on your personal preference. But you can do some great things by mixing and matching accessories and other bags to expand the system. In effect, you can build any pack you might conceivably need by pairing the J51 with some of our other products. To get a super-organized front-loading pack, you can zip a G1 Little Brother into the J51s load bay. Or for simpler bulk storage, choose a J2SD or J3SD Spike Duffel... or a combination of any two of these; you can attach two duffels at the same time, or you can embed the G1 pack into the interior of the pack by zipping a duffel outboard of it. Then, you can attach the LP1 FannyTop Go-bag to the J51s top panel. These practical options in a relatively lightweight and extremely efficient system make this a fun, versatile, and highly effective backpack. Note, for adding hydration, WX2L or WXP3L, we recommend installation in either the LP1 or G1 packs, or the A3SB Saddle Bags.

    To finish off your pack system, you can add any of our weapons carriers. Our scabbards will attach to the generous MOLLE/PALS type webbing that adorns the load bay, and panels zip away from the top and bottom flaps in order to allow for the protrusion of long guns.


    1000 denier nylon exterior


    Total Volume: 2,050 c.i.
    Weight: 8 lbs 8 oz
    Dimensions main bag: 21"h x 12"w x 7"d

    Please Note: because the J51s Intex II is made to fit the footprint of the ALICE frame, its wider than our other styles, and it is not interchangeable with the AG2 Gossamer frames.

    Looking for $225 OBO FTF in Kenner, Metairie or Jefferson area.
    And remember, you can have it in any color you want as long as that color is Dry Earth!

    Thank you for looking and have a gooder day!
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    Day of the Rope!

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    Am willing to bet that you can carry at least 15 good sized adult domestic short-hair cats with this pack.
    Likely a few more but I'm being conservative.
    Room for food and water as well, possibly even a few small toys to keep them occupied when you get where you're going.

    If they cooperate with your plan to carry them, that is...

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    Day of the Rope!

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    Price Reduced from $250 to $225 OBO.
    This is a great deal on a like new Eberlestock pack.
    Also remember that I am willing to trade as well...

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    Day of the Rope!

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    Still available.
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