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    Pretty much ready for primitive season over here...

    I’ve been sitting on an Encore Pro Hunter frame for years now. I typically bow hunt in Tx and just haven’t had need or want for a break action rifle. Well, as luck would have it I was invited to join a hunting club around Fort Polk this year and decided to complete the “primitive” weapon. Got a great deal on a 35 Whelen barrel from MGM. Just so happens it was 20” and threaded; exactly what I was after. It also was listed with a pic scope base installed. And to top it off, it had a very small blemish on on the lug, so they gave me $100 off. Anyway, here’s my new “Primitive” rig. We have come a long way from flint lock in this state...

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    Yeah, I wish I could hunt primitive with my 1876 Winchester. I think it’s more primitive except for follow up shots than my Lyman Great Plains. The GP is a tack driver so no need for follow ups. How’s the noise reduction on that thing with 35 Whelen?
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