Hi everyone,

I don't get over here to post as much as I'd like, but I wanted to let you know about a promotion we are currently running on Gemtech suppressors. Buy any Gemtech can on our site and chose from a list of free cans. It's one of the best deals you'll ever see---pick your cans correctly and you'll end up with them averaging out to be under normal dealer cost.

Of course you are free to come in and take advantage of this promo but if we have your pics/prints and trust on file then there won't be a need to come in at all---you can buy online and we will call you to pay for the tax stamps and pics/prints and then you can sign electronically.

Also, don't forget we can finance this deal (and anything we sell for that matter) for 12 months at 0% (with approved credit, Louisiana residents only).

Finally, we have some AMAZING inventory in stock right now---Honey Badger pistols, Sugar Weasel pistols, 6.5CM Fixes with Proof carbon fiber barrels, PS90s, Five-Sevens, PMR30s, CMR30s, Sig 365s, hundreds of suppressors, and much more. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest.

Here's a link to our Gemtech Free Can Promo.