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    Quote Originally Posted by Magdump View Post
    Serial number would be around the 1908- mark.
    Yes the muzzle is correct. No crown.
    It would have been a mistake to rechamber that particular barrel to -06 as the rifling is to suit the slower 220 gr -03 load and accuracy would have suffered. See if a local gunsmith can do a chamber casting for you to be sure.
    A decent gunsmith could also fill those holes, likely by threading them and setting screws then grinding flush before a blu touch up.
    I was fortunate enough to shoot a later date model in 30-06 with diopter rear sight and I very much enjoyed it. I have a Spencer carbine model that I love to shoot (but is not cost effective) and the Winchester had a very similar feel.
    Very nice piece Shamu
    1909 per the Winchester Collector's website. WOW! 110 years old! The more I research, the more intrigued I become. I like the ideas you proposed for the holes. I'm really torn about shooting it....I would love to go out and dirt roll a hog or something with it....just once. But, man...I'd hate to have something happen to it! Not at all worried about the gun functioning....just scared I'd have an accident with it! LOL Drop it overboard, scratch it up, ding it, drop it from the stand...something stupid!

    I'm pretty certain there was a rear tang peep sight on it at one time. Probably not original to the rifle. I tried calling the Winchester customer service....that was five minutes of my life I'll never get back. Emailed the Winchester Collector's website with photos. We'll see what we get back from them. They seem to have a lot of great info.

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    Started cleaning up the bore, tonight...pulled some Cleveland Browns fans out of it....I know they were from the dog pound because they were stealing my white patches and replacing them with orange and brown ones!

    Definitely had a little corrosion going on. Not the smoothest bore...still some stubborn fouling in the rifling. Iíll work on it some more, tomorrow.

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    Go away,Batin...

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    For the restore on the barrel holes contact gunsmith John Taylor on castboolits forum. I know he restores model 54’s that have been drilled and tapped maybe he can help you. Either him or turnbull.
    Definitely get a chamber cast
    Iirc 3006 will fire out of an o3 chamber but may blow out a weak case.
    I'm just a Redneck with too many guns.

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