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    Training Question??

    I didn't find a proper place to put this, so I am going to fire away here. I have been training BJJ for a while now, and and looking for some folks who might like to get together and roll train etc. I haven't been able to participate in my regular classes, because an accident in my immediate family has us financially strapped at the moment. My instructor gave me a couple months, but we are into this for going on 5 months now. I try to hit up the open mats when I can, but my training schedule went from 3-4 nights a week and open mat on Sunday to nothing really, and my body is paying for it. I plan on getting back to class as soon as possible, but it is never bad to meet and train with new people. I don't mind training in the gi or nogi.

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    I am in the Denham Springs, Walker area, and commute from Gonzales to Denham on a daily basis.

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