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    Traded! used Colt New Agent, .45 acp, blued


    Greetings all,

    Offered for trade is one used but good condition Colt New Agent in .45 acp. Some holster wear. Comes with one 6 round Wilson mag. No box nor papers. Trade value $700 for discussion purposes.

    Would discuss trades on any of the following (in no particular order):
    - Model 617 4" with stainless steel cylinder
    - Colt (with good timing and carry up) Police Positive, Cobra or Detective special in .32 S&W Long AKA .32 Colt New Police
    - A SHORT barreled Ruger Vaquero / Sheriff Model / Bisley / Single Seven in .327 mag, .44spl, .44 mag or .45 acp
    - S&W or Ruger DA revolvers in 22 LR, .32 long, .32 magnum, .327 magnum, .38 spl, .357 mag, 9mm, .44 spl, .44 mag or .45 acp
    - 9mm glock magazine fed AR
    - Shooter grade Walther PPK, not a PPKs unless it is VERY cheap, preferably in .32, but would consider .380. Prefer 'modern' Interarms or S&W version.
    - S&w 317, 317 Kit Gun, 43c in 22LR or 351pd/351c in 22 Mag
    - a .45 acp revolver. Preferably something with a 4ish inch barrel or less. Double or single action both considered. Not a 5-6+ inch target revolver. A rough but functional 1917 S&W might be ok, but no 1917 Colts please.
    - Walther P1 / P38 shooter grade gun to do a Man From Uncle project
    - A Zastava M70 Baby tokarev in .32 acp
    - A Ruger 9mm PC Carbine

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    Hmm. I've got the Cobra 32 NP. Might have to think about this.

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