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    Quote Originally Posted by AustinBR View Post
    How often do people actually have trouble with this, just curious.
    When they are old and disabled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBP55 View Post
    When they are old and disabled.
    That makes sense. I was wondering more about the fat and lazy.
    -- Austin

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    A lot. Its better to have people come over prepared than underprepared. I don't have to explain the importance of positional shooting, and the ability to quickly change to positions in order to deliver a shot. Part of the courses we offer all require specific qualifications. If you can not meet the shooting standards due to physical fitness issues, that's obviously a problem. Nobody wants to attend a course to try to learn, only to be overwhelmed and not graduate.

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    On Sunday December 1st, 2019, well be hosting our Advanced Concealed Carry class. The class provides more training for people who carry a concealed weapon every day. This class includes "use of force" examples, case studies, drawing from concealment, malfunction drills, and more firearms training.

    Class begins at 08:00am, and ends at approximately 4:30pm. Tuition is $200.00, and students will need a reliable weapon, a reliable concealed carry holster, 300 rounds of ammo, ear protection and eye protection.

    NOTE, prior to attending this class, shooters should have a basic understanding of marksmanship and weapon manipulation. This class is more stressful than a basic class, and will force the shooter in awkward shooting positions, force the shooter to preform under time constraints, and force the shooter to engage in physical activities. ANY student that is unable to participate in the aforementioned activities should not register for the class. Due to the required physical activities, (Movement drills // Running // Positional Shooting) shooters should come dressed appropriately and prepared for physical training. Prior to registering for this class, the shooter should ensure he or she is in top physical shape and the equipment being utilized functions properly. If a shooter experiences equipment or weapon malfunctions during the class, we have loaner items available, but the class can not stop to cater to repeated problems encountered by faulty equipment.

    If you are interested, send us a message, or register on the website at


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