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    Training in the Baton Rouge, LA area

    Been a member since 2009, but never posted much. Recently, myself and a few co-workers began providing firearms training to the public. All of us are current law enforcement and on SWAT. We are using a private range in East Feliciana parish. Currently, were offering CCW classes, as well as basic and advanced handgun, basic and advanced rifle, and an advanced concealed carry class. The range extends out to 300 yards.

    Over the years of teaching, we have noticed many people are disappointed with basic classes. People want more "hands on" practice, and typically get bored with lecture. We have put together several classes based on our experiences, previous students' demands, and deficiencies we've noticed from other classes we have attended.

    If anyone is interested, please check out the website and contact me with any questions.


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    Moving forward

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    Wish you guys well with the training. It’s good to see new faces in the game and it gives folks options.

    The prices on the website are very reasonable and should help drive in new business.

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    The website could have more details on the shooting positions/drills included in the handgun classes.
    Good luck with your business.

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