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    Quote Originally Posted by escknx View Post
    Its been 3 weeks and they never called back.
    I'll check with ATF later about wtf was that, but if that's scam, its weird he named several guns that I have, those are not easy to guess like Glock or generic ARs. I usually shop online thru local FFL, but those named were from one big physical retailer here in area. I wonder why would this retailer reported anything unless it was an investigation into something or it sells info to scammers.
    And again if I were scammer last things I would mess with are armed individuals and ATF.
    If all the guns mentioned came from the same retailer, I think I would have some questions for the owner/general manager/district manager, who ever it takes to explain why these guns purchased from this one dealer where mentioned by a person claiming to be with the ATF. Regardless what the ATF told me, I would be questioning the retailer.

    If it’s a scam, it’s a bold one and I would start to be concerned about a robbery attempt.
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