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Thread: Wet tumbling

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    Here is some range brass that was outside for God knows how long { say this as only he would know}
    This was a 24-hour soak in Citric Acid {Lemi-Shine} no tumble. Mixed it in hot water and let sit in the hot sun all day. Starting in the midday and ended midday.
    Shown next to some 7.62x54R that was SS Tumbled
    I also use the same method on steel to de-rust
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    Thanks for the input guys. Sounds like i will be looking to purchase a wet tumbler. Seems the frankford arsenal is pretty well liked. Anyone have anything negative to say about it?

    Also thankfully i had all of my brass pretty well sorted etc so no steal cases in the mix. I actually let some fairly black 45 acp and 38sp brass run for about 24 hours and it did ok. Its not spotless but did knock the bulk of the ugly off.

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    If youíre on the north shore and have a ton you want done as a one time thing, let me know and Iíll let you use my setup. It gets a fair amount done at a time.

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    I've been wet tumbling for 7 or 8 years now. I absolutely love it. I've run all of my brass threw the wet tumblers. I've cleaned some really nasty stuff and made it look better than new. I dont deprime anything first. I just sort by caliber and clean first. Pistol cases I load after they are dry. Rifle cases I process after they dry. Then rewash after processing ( I do dry tumble lube off first).

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    Lilshaun thanks for the clarification thats what i was hoping to hear. Jack appreciate the offer, that does look like a massive setup. I think im going to go ahead and jump on in. Been researching a bit more and if i dont diy it pretty soon i will be picking up a frankford arsenal setup. Not sure if it is your vid but i watched a youtube vid of a guy making a tumbler that looks a whole lot like your setup. I think i pretty much have all the parts in the shop to put one together just a matter of doing it...

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    Yeah, it does a little less than a 5 gallon bucket at a time. I didn’t pay much to have it done compared to the store bought ones.

    This is who built mine

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