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    New Member from AZ soon to be in LA

    Hello All!

    New member here from AZ but will soon be relocating to the Monroe area for work. Looking forward to learning about Louisana gun culture and will be glad to be moving to another firearm friendly state. I do have a question off the bat regarding suppressors and CLEO sign off. Will I have to get a local CLEO sign off upon my arrival for my current suppressors I will be bringing with me? I am familiar with the NFA laws regarding suppressors, but seem to find conflicting or maybe just outdated info regarding state law for suppressors in LA. Thank you all and looking forward to chatting with you.

    Best regards,

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    Welcome From North Kenner

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    i don't know offhand. call Meaux Guns down here in baton rouge. there's nothing they don't know about suppressors...

    be prepared to be treated like a redheaded stepchild when you get here. been here almost a decade and i'm still "that yankee".

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    Welcome to Bayou Shooter


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    Welcome aboard.

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    Welcome from South Louisiana !
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    Welcome from S/W La.---

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    Welcome from northwest Louisiana!

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