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Thread: PTR 91

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    PTR 91

    SOLDFirst up is a PTR 91 .308 rifle. The rifle has a welded scope rail and is finished in a matte black. Includes HK sling. Bipod, sight adjustment tool, bolt take down tool, and feeler gages. It will come with a bunch on very good condition 20 round aluminum HK mags. Only fired a couple of times. Asking 1,000. Not looking for any trades right now.

    SOLD next up is a Baikel 12 gauge coach gun that I had set up for cowboy shooting but never got around to it. It has the full action job, which includes lightening and polishing all internal parts and springs.
    Disable auto safety and make it a manual safety.
    Polish chambers
    Re time hinge to open further
    and chambers beveled from Camp Verde
    Gun Repair.

    Asking 575.00 Not looking for any trades right now. I will also thrown in a leather buttstock cover that was custom made for this model of shotgun.
    Looking to do a FTF around Baton Rouge/Ascension area.998C7E55-3944-4863-AC15-AF4203C9A631.jpgC648E547-5AD3-4B5A-932E-E5AFBE2E602E.jpgD967101B-676C-48B7-852B-361CC791DC9E.jpg4B77CA1D-E5D5-4686-A5E7-4D6FCC92318A.jpg
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    Price drop on PTR 91 to $900 shotgun $525

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    Price drop to $850

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    Price drop to $825

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