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    OEM G48 & G43X Black Slide Glocks.

    OEM Glock G48 and G43X With Black Slides. Part Numbers Below.

    G48 with standard sights PA4850201.
    G48 with Ameriglo NS PA 4850301AB.
    G48 with Glock NS PA 4850701.

    G43X with standard sights PX4350201.
    G43X with Ameriglo NS PX4350301AB.
    G43X with Glock NS PX4350701.
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    If anyone is interested, they had at least two vendors at the gun show in Kenner that had the new all black guns in stock today. Standard Glock sights only though, no night sight guns. Waggenspack guns and I think it was Apocalypse Sports that had them as well, $459 (He was also knocking off an extra $30, so $429) and $469 respectively.
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