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    For Sale: Glock 42 holsters / mags and assorted .380, .357 and .45 ammo

    Good afternoon all,

    Starting to help clear out some things from a friend's estate. First off a carry setup for a Glock 42:


    - Pocket holster and mag pouch from RKBA Leather
    - IWB kydex from unknown maker
    - two used ETS mags, one 7 and one 9 rounds
    - two 20 round boxes of Fort Scott 95 grain tumbling spitzer solid copper
    - two 20 round boxes of Underwood Xtreme Penetrator 90grn solid copper
    - one 20 round box of Underwood Xtreme Defender 65 grn solid copper
    - one 20 round box of Barnes TAC-XPD 80grn solid copper hollow points

    Not interested in trades and prefer not to break this up: $130 for all the above

    Next up some assorted .357 mag ammo:

    - Two 50 round boxes of Herters 158 FMJ
    - One 50 round box of MAgtech 158 FMJ
    - One 50 round box of Speer LE 158 Gold Dot Hollow Points
    Prefer not to break these up: $ 75 for all four boxes

    And then some .45 auto:

    - Two 25 round boxes of 230 Golden Sabers
    - Four 25 round boxes of 185 Golden Sabers.
    Prefer not to break these up: $ 65 for all 6 boxes

    FTF in the Baton Rouge / Denham Springs / Gonzales area.

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    Tuesday BUMP! Would like to move these. Nobody can use some extra ammo???

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